delivering positive energy to other people

A Pennsylvania couple is spreading love by delivering positive energy delivering positive energy to other peopleto other people. And that’s where the magic begins.

Corrin Madden and Jordan Arnold are “on a mission to spread love by doing something so simple, yet awe-inspiring,” according to WZZM 13, a TV station in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They place “motivational and kindhearted messages filled with love” into jars, delivering positive energy to other people, the station said.

The couple met in a business entrepreneurship class over three years ago. Each had previously been married, and they both had three children. In addition to sharing “stories and traditions of their past,”  Madden also shared something she had been doing for years: the Little Love Jar.

Madden’s idea began with a “healing Jar” she made for an older couple she had become very close to, an idea that “turned into a tradition she continued for years to come,” according to the TV story. She gave a “Little Love Jar” to Arnold, whom she had begun dating. He liked the idea so much they decided to “collaborate together and share their love with the rest of the world.”

WZZM 13 reported that they have made “Little Love Jars” for “everything from birthdays, to people struggling with addiction to kids dealing with their parents’ divorce.” They gather “messages of wisdom and love from family members and friends online,” copying and pasting the messages, printing them, cutting and folding them and finally putting them into a jar. Each takes about three to five hours to complete, the TV news story said.

planning for the future

Madden and Arnold have set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to reduce some of the manual labor so that they can produce more jars. However, they told WZZM 13, “We are probably always going to fold the paper and put it in the jar.”

They also have made goals, such as having jars with messages “in different languages, finding a way to get schools involved, giving jars to veterans and finding ways to donate jars to people going through cancer treatments,” according to the TV station. And they will continue delivering positive energy to other people.

Learn more about the couple here, contribute to their Kickstarter campaign, and visit their website,                                                                                    

delivering positive energy to other people

she uses challenges for motivation not discouragement

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