she did what doctors told her was impossible

She did what doctors told her was impossible. And she did it through a positive mindset. 

Until a year ago Chantel Sachanna lived with a crippling stammer, making her too embarrassed to participate in a phone interview or even to order food in a restaurant. she did what doctors told her was impossible

According to Britain’s top Black weekly newspaper, The Voice, Sachanna, 29, has “turned her life around through sheer belief in herself, become a self-love and happiness coach and has just held her first empowering I Am Phenomenal event, which was a complete sell-out.”

Sachanna told The Voice her mission is “to encourage people to believe in themselves” like she did for herself.

she did what doctors told her was impossible“By convincing myself that I had the power to overcome my stammer I went on a journey of self-love, which has improved every area of my life,” she said in the article.

Living with a severe stammer since childhood, Sachanna had dreams, but she “couldn’t live any of them” because her stammer was holding her back. She had speech therapy as a child, but doctors told her there was no cure. “I just had to accept this dark cloud of embarrassment hanging over me for the rest of my life,” she told The Voice.

“Then I had a light bulb moment and thought to myself: ‘What if I believe that I can talk properly?’ I started with positive affirmations, saying to myself: ‘I am an excellent speaker’ and I visualised myself speaking. My speech improved and with that, so did other areas of my life,” she said.

Still trying to conquer the stammering that had dogged her her whole life, she started listening to people who inspired her on YouTube because she was “hungry for positive messages,” the paper said. She developed a “mindset where I believed I could overcome this-and nothing was going to me.”

At her first empowerment event in late March, called I Am Phenomenal,  Sachanna included four other speakers who shared their inspirational stories of self-belief. According to her website,, she holds bi-monthly I Am Phenomenal events, that “force you to eliminate the excuses, barriers and to realise that you are phenomenal and excellent.”

Sachanna runs her own company offering mentoring on both a corporate and personal level. Discover what she has to offer at her website. Read more about people who have overcome adversity through self-belief and who participated in I Am Phenomenal here.

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she uses challenges for motivation not discouragement

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