tragedy leads to new life

She was crushed in a head-on car accident when she was in her mid- 50s. Two years later her life changed even more. Now she knows that tragedy leads to new life.

Many people believe that God uses tragedy for good. Irene Wilson knows this is true.  tragedy leads to new life

Wilson was unable to walk for two years after the accident in 2004 and never returned to her job as a special needs teacher, according to God had other plans for her, she believes.

She told christiantoday that even though she was badly injured, she “had an amazing feeling of peace.” She said, “It was just unexplainable. Right through the healing process and in the months ahead” she felt at peace.

In the two years that she recuperated, she told the online magazine that she “felt an absolute peace. I didn’t panic I couldn’t do my job any more. It just felt something good was going to happen and it did.”

In 2011, seven years after the accident that changed her life,  Wilson was ordained at age 60. According to the website, she now heads up the inner city pastoral care at Holy Trinity Hull and runs a soup kitchen for the homeless.

Wilson told christiantoday that she knows that not everyone who experiences tragedy has the same outcome she did.

“It is so easy to think, ‘This is it! I’m stuck like this and I’m not going to be of any use to anyone again.’ And if you’re a busy person that is such a life-changing situation,” she said.

For her, she revealed to the magazine, God’s peace was the reason she persevered in finding a way to be of use to others again.

“But I think for me I knew God’s peace. I think because I had that strength it just saw me through everything I needed to get on to that next step and never ever did I think that’s it and I’m never going to be of any use.”

But there’s more to Wilson’s story! Discover how she is influencing others around the world here.                                                                                                                         tragedy leads to new life



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