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Why I never – the voice said

By Sharen McArthur, editor

Why I never – the voice said. 

Her voice was smooth, mellifluous. I had no clue who had said it.

Why I never - the voice said

Did you really just say that?

Don’t you just love cell phones? Two thumbs or one index finger will get you where you want to go in your texting world. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to catch a ride, wait on a bus, fight your way through an airline terminal or make hotel reservations. Just type and off you go! Sun and fun loom ahead as your text flies to your recipient in record time!

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Your text flies through text never-never land, with just a few taps of your thumb! You’ve reached out and touched someone, just like the old Bell System commercial says! Hey, take a moment and step back in time:
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Dog Days of Summer

by Sharen McArthur, Editor

me, three dogs and the hot, humid dog days of summer...

The dog days of summer remind me why I am a dog person. I was not always a dog person. I was a cat person. My daughters are the ones I blame for changing me.


Dog Days of Summer

Raleigh, the Yorkie

Raleigh, the best Yorkie in the world, came into our lives when he was three months old and weighed 3 pounds. The sales clerk at the pet store said he would weigh 9 pounds. He’s been at 17 pounds for most of his nine years. I still love him.


Dog Day of Summer

Emma on her blanket

Emma, the best Cockapoo in the world, weighs 8 pounds. That she weighs so little does not stop her from being ferocious when she is walked on a leash and tries to attack larger dogs but does not succeed. The fact that my arm may ache from attempting to keep her at bay in case a lawsuit should result does not stop me from loving her. Read More

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Share Your Stories: The Idea of a Cottage


How did the idea of a cottage inspire our website?

Share Your Stories: The Idea of a Cottage

Sharen, left, and Jenny in Jenny’s hair salon

IDEAS COME FROM different places: conversations, things we read, random thoughts, brainstorming and connections we make. The idea for our website’s name came from a cottage that was for rent behind an old two-story, white-framed house that had once been home to a farm.

The current owners of the house renovated an old shed, transforming it into a three-room cottage with honey-colored oak floors, peach walls and white molding. Within days of advertising it, they had had numerous calls. One of those calls was from my daughter Jenny. Read More

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