Share Your Story!

Calling all dog lovers!
Share Your Story!

  • We love dogs! Like lots of people, we think of them as members of our family. What does your dog mean to you? How has he changed your life? Share your story in our submission section below.
  • You can tell your dog’s story in 100 words or less…or more if you want to do so. Please include a photo of your dog and tell us his/her name. And if you submit a photo with you and your dog – even better! Remember to identify yourself and any other people in the photo. We are “pawsitively” happy you are sharing your story with us!

Share your story! Submit your real-life stories to connect with others around the world. And share real-life stories that you discover on the World Wide Web, too.


Share Your StoryStories make us who we are. Share your story to inspire, heal and empower others. Do you have a story about your childhood, your job, your family, a time of triumph or even of despair? Wonderful! We are happy to publish it. Do you want to share your real-life story but need inspiration? We have lots of categories that can help you think of things that have been meaningful to you that you can share on our website. Discover our categories in submissions guidelines on our menu or click here.

  • Connect us with friends or family who have a real-life story to share. We’re happy to publish their stories, too!

  • Have you found a story on the World Wide Web you would like us to share? Just send us the web link URL so that we can give proper credit when we publish it. If you can’t find the link, tell us all you know about the story so that we can give proper credit when we publish it. When we find a story that fits your description, we will email you to see if it’s the one you want us to publish. And we will give you credit for sharing the story!

  • If we accept your true story for publication, we will send you an edited copy to approve or correct via email. You may revise for content, clarity, or any other purpose.

  • After we receive your approved copy, you will receive an acceptance email containing a link when it is published on our site.

  • TELL OUR READERS ABOUT YOU! Include a short bio that tells readers highlights of your life. If you like, share links to your social media accounts with us so that we can let our readers discover more about you. You can include your bio at the end of your submission. 

  • If you encounter a problem with our submissions form, you may email your manuscript in another format (like Microsoft Word) to Remember to attach photos if you want us to publish them.

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