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she persisted despite the odds

she persisted despite the oddsAs a girl, she stole fruit so that she could eat. Homelessness and abuse plagued her childhood. She witnessed a murder that traumatized her. Yet…she persisted despite the odds.

Now 51, Lorraine Younger is a prominent insurance adviser in Kingston, Jamaica. She is a “top Executive Club insurance agent at Sagicor Life Jamaica, qualifier for the Million Dollar Round Table Club (the premier international association for top insurance advisers), and a Production club director, as well as president of the Agents’ Association,” according to

Before she became a successful insurance adviser, she had to overcome homelessness and abuse, according to’s story. When she was three years old, her mother died. Her father worked on the Guantanamo Bay base in Cuba and placed Younger “in the care of friends and associates, which led to frequent upheavals as she moved across the island from one family to another,” the story said. Read More

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born too soon but into a global movement

born too soon but into a global movement

Photo by Manuel Schinner on Unsplash

Born too soon but into a global movement, he was one of thousands of babies who have been given a fighting chance.

On Nov. 17, the March of Dimes sponsored World Prematurity Day. On that day and throughout the year, the organization and those in its World Prematurity Network, “a global coalition of consumer and parent groups,” fight for the “health of all babies,” according to the March of Dimes website.

Milo, the son of Katie Slater and Aaron Kay, was born May 19, 2015, 14 weeks before his due date in August, weighing only 2 pounds. The couple, from Barrow-in-Furness in the United Kingdom, told their baby’s story to The Mail, after being inspired by stories shared on World Prematurity Day. They hope their telling their baby’s story helps others who have had premature babies. Read More

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healing comes as she works with dogs

healing comes as she works with dogsChronic pain is a part of this Irish TV star’s life, but healing comes as she works with dogs. And through her volunteer work, she has also helped dogs who are in desperate situations.

Andrea Hayes, presenter of “Dog Tales” on TV3 in Dublin, Ireland, has lived with debilitating back pain for 20 years, according to the Irish Mirror.

According to the Irish Mirror, Hayes has Chiari malformation 1, spinal stenosis and Pots (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.) Working with rescue dogs with the ISPCA and Dogs Trust, the newspaper said, “has had a ‘cathartic’ effect on her.”

Without daily medication and stints in the hospital every two weeks for pain relief, Hayes would not be able to function, the newspaper said. She told the Irish Mirror that she also gets “radio oblation injections which burn off a bit of the nerves in the back. If I didn’t get these treatments I wouldn’t be able to cope.” In 2016, Hayes’ book, “Pain Free Life: My Journey to Wellness,” was published. In it she tells how she developed “her own pain-control programme after years of chronic pain,” according to the newspaper. In the book she discusses how becoming a vegetarian, meditating, visualizing and having a positive mental outlook have helped heal her pain. Hayes, who is also a clinical hypnotherapist, has a new book called “Dog Tales.” In the book, “she explores the science behind animals and healing,” according to the Irish Mirror.

Dogs and Healing

Dogs have brought her tremendous healing, she said. “I still have all the conditions, but when I’m working with animals I go into this sacred place,” she said in the article.

“When you look into the eyes of a dog, oxytocin, known as the cuddle chemical, is released, and the same hormone is released when you give birth for the first time and look at your child.” she explained. Read More

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finding a way to return to love

finding a way to return to loveFor a young couple in England, forever does not mean a limitless time. Day by day, they are finding a way to return to love.

In March, 2016, Jessica Sharman and Rich Bishop had been dating for seven months when their life together changed unexpectedly.

The couple was taking a train together from Kent to London, where they both worked at a recruitment office, according to and As the train neared their stop, Sharman suffered several seizures – and lost her memory.

She did not know who she was. She did not know Bishop. And she was terrified, she told The Sun.

Looking for answers

Bishop helped Sharman walk to their office, where her mother met them. Sharman recalls that her mother was shocked that her daughter did not recognize her. The Sun stated that her mother, Lisa, a 49-year-old retail worker, “frantically” dug out pictures of her and her daughter on her phone to jog her daughter’s memory. “But not only did I not recognise my parents in the pictures . . . I had no idea what I looked like,” Sharman told The Sun. Read More

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he can help people through his story to save lives

“Because there are a lot of people I can help through my story to save lives.”

he can help people through his story to save lives


Most people would have thought Daniel Conn had everything to live for. He was successful and attractive – a National Rugby League star and a male model. He also gained fame after having romances with Hollywood and reality TV stars, including Vicky Pattison of “Geordie Shore,” according to in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

Then a neck injury caused Conn to “prematurely retire at the age of 25 in 2011 following seven seasons with the Bulldogs, Titans and Roosters after leaving his hometown of Dubbo,” a city in the Orana Region of New South Wales, Australia, as a teenager, according to Read More

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playing rugby helped her beat leukemia

Rugby helps women tackle their weaknesses and discover their strengths. Playing rugby also helped one young woman in England playing rugby helped her beat leukemiabeat leukemia.

Five years ago, when she was 9 years old,14-year-old Georgia Tayler was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Playing rugby helped her beat leukemia. 

Tayler spent almost two years in a wheelchair while undergoing chemotherapy, according to While being treated, she suffered a stroke that affected movement on the right side of her body.

Throughout her treatment, Tayler watched rugby games, but she never thought she would play because of her illness, the website said. When she was in remission, she decided to get fit and began playing rugby. Read More

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she discovered her true purpose when she died

she discovered her true purpose when she diedOne day she knew she was dying. She could not explain to anyone how she knew, but she felt calm that the end was near. When she died, she discovered her true purpose.  

Cherie Aimée, died in her husband’s arms. She had no heart beat for 90 minutes. But that was the beginning of her remarkable story.

According to, Aimée is a “well-known medical miracle to the world’s leading cardiothoracic surgeons.” Major news and TV networks have interviewed her. According to her website, she is CEO of a digital branding firm, #1 best-selling author, motivational speaker, and creator of 4 different brands including @bustingoutofobscurity, @livebigbehappy, @sexyheartwarriors, and @cherieaimee. Read More

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