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playing rugby helped her beat leukemia

Rugby helps women tackle their weaknesses and discover their strengths. Playing rugby also helped one young woman in England playing rugby helped her beat leukemiabeat leukemia.

Five years ago, when she was 9 years old,14-year-old Georgia Tayler was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Playing rugby helped her beat leukemia. 

Tayler spent almost two years in a wheelchair while undergoing chemotherapy, according to While being treated, she suffered a stroke that affected movement on the right side of her body.

Throughout her treatment, Tayler watched rugby games, but she never thought she would play because of her illness, the website said. When she was in remission, she decided to get fit and began playing rugby. Read More

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she discovered her true purpose when she died

she discovered her true purpose when she diedOne day she knew she was dying. She could not explain to anyone how she knew, but she felt calm that the end was near. When she died, she discovered her true purpose.  

Cherie Aimée, died in her husband’s arms. She had no heart beat for 90 minutes. But that was the beginning of her remarkable story.

According to, Aimée is a “well-known medical miracle to the world’s leading cardiothoracic surgeons.” Major news and TV networks have interviewed her. According to her website, she is CEO of a digital branding firm, #1 best-selling author, motivational speaker, and creator of 4 different brands including @bustingoutofobscurity, @livebigbehappy, @sexyheartwarriors, and @cherieaimee. Read More

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delivering positive energy to other people

A Pennsylvania couple is spreading love by delivering positive energy delivering positive energy to other peopleto other people. And that’s where the magic begins.

Corrin Madden and Jordan Arnold are “on a mission to spread love by doing something so simple, yet awe-inspiring,” according to WZZM 13, a TV station in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They place “motivational and kindhearted messages filled with love” into jars, delivering positive energy to other people, the station said.

The couple met in a business entrepreneurship class over three years ago. Each had previously been married, and they both had three children. In addition to sharing “stories and traditions of their past,”  Madden also shared something she had been doing for years: the Little Love Jar.
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she did what doctors told her was impossible

She did what doctors told her was impossible. And she did it through a positive mindset. 

Until a year ago Chantel Sachanna lived with a crippling stammer, making her too embarrassed to participate in a phone interview or even to order food in a restaurant. she did what doctors told her was impossible

According to Britain’s top Black weekly newspaper, The Voice, Sachanna, 29, has “turned her life around through sheer belief in herself, become a self-love and happiness coach and has just held her first empowering I Am Phenomenal event, which was a complete sell-out.”

Sachanna told The Voice her mission is “to encourage people to believe in themselves” like she did for herself.
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she uses challenges for motivation not discouragement

She may not be able to turn flips or seemingly float in midair, but one young woman does not let challenges stop her; instead she uses challenges for motivation not discouragement.  she uses challenges for motivation not discouragement

Katelyn Heck began anchoring Eyewitness News Mornin’ for 13WMAZ in Central Georgia in February 2014.  Most of her viewers do not  know she has lived with an injury she suffered when she was born that can prevent her arm and hand muscles from working properly.

Heck has a Brachial Plexus injury. According to 13WMAZ, when she was born, “her neck was pulled and damaged her nerves. That affected her arm and her diaphragm, which made it difficult to breathe.”

According to the TV station’s story, she spent a week in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She has had hours of physical therapy and seven surgeries, coming “much further than doctors imagined.” Read More

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this is a story of a marriage

Just about everywhere you turn, you see a story about a celebrity wedding, marriage or divorce. But what about a marriage of two this is a story of a marriageordinary people? A marriage that has endured all of the things life can throw at you? This is the real-life story of a couple in West Virginia. This is a story of a marriage.

Charles and Mary Kay Milliken have been married for 22 years. Their love story began on a school bus when they were sophomores in high school. Charles asked Mary Kay who she was taking to the Sadie Hawkins dance. When she said nobody, he asked her to go with him, even though the girl is supposed to ask the boy. They have been together ever since, according to
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tragedy leads to new life

She was crushed in a head-on car accident when she was in her mid- 50s. Two years later her life changed even more. Now she knows that tragedy leads to new life.

Many people believe that God uses tragedy for good. Irene Wilson knows this is true.  tragedy leads to new life

Wilson was unable to walk for two years after the accident in 2004 and never returned to her job as a special needs teacher, according to God had other plans for her, she believes.

She told christiantoday that even though she was badly injured, she “had an amazing feeling of peace.” She said, “It was just unexplainable. Right through the healing process and in the months ahead” she felt at peace. Read More

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