finding a way to return to love

finding a way to return to loveFor a young couple in England, forever does not mean a limitless time. Day by day, they are finding a way to return to love.

In March, 2016, Jessica Sharman and Rich Bishop had been dating for seven months when their life together changed unexpectedly.

The couple was taking a train together from Kent to London, where they both worked at a recruitment office, according to and As the train neared their stop, Sharman suffered several seizures – and lost her memory.

She did not know who she was. She did not know Bishop. And she was terrified, she told The Sun.

Looking for answers

Bishop helped Sharman walk to their office, where her mother met them. Sharman recalls that her mother was shocked that her daughter did not recognize her. The Sun stated that her mother, Lisa, a 49-year-old retail worker, “frantically” dug out pictures of her and her daughter on her phone to jog her daughter’s memory. “But not only did I not recognise my parents in the pictures . . . I had no idea what I looked like,” Sharman told The Sun.

Sharman, told The Sun she “found a mirror and looked at my reflection, but it was like I was looking at a stranger.” She said she “did match the person in the photos,” so she agreed to go home, where she lived with her parents. Once home, her family and boyfriend did everything they could to remind her of her past, “using photographs, stories, and even a tour of her house,” mymodernmet said in its story.

None of those things helped, mymodernmet said, so her parents took her to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. During the week she was at the hospital, she was diagnosed with amnesia brought on by epilepsy, a condition she had suffered from since the age of 14, according to The Sun and mymodernmet.

Bishop, who had stayed by her side even though she considered him a “virtual stranger,” now had to woo his girlfriend again, according to mymodernmet. Sharman tried to end the relationship two weeks later, but she told mymodernmet that he “looked so hurt and promised he would help me remember how great we were together.” She decided to give their relationship a try.

Wooing her again

Bishop has worked hard to make Sharman fall back in love with him, according to The Sun. In addition to taking her for walks in the park, they revisit favorite restaurants, and he continues to tell her everything about their past, The Sun said.

Sharman told The Sun, “I don’t remember the first time I fell in love with Rich but I do remember the second.”

Will Sharman get her memory back? Can she lose her memory again? What other ways has her life changed? Find answers to these questions here.

finding a way to return to love

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